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Bridgestone is already considered as a household name in the tire industry. This tire brand is known for its game-changing product line, including fuel-efficient and winter tires with far superior grip. On the other hand, the legendary Bridgestone quality is considered the bar set in testing whether a tire is built to last or not.

All-Season, Summer, Winter, Run Flat, Truck, and Performance Tires – Accent Tires is happy to help you navigate through Bridgestone’s intensive collection of go-to tires for personal and recreational use. They also have a separate selection for commercial and industrial tires.

What is Bridgestone Known for?

Every Kind for Every Need – Bridgestone has mastered the art of designing a particular tire model according to each customer’s needs and preferences. Turanza, for instance, is a trusted model for a smooth ride in all seasons, while Duelers is specifically built for off-road. For car enthusiasts, models like Potenza are designed for sharp turns and acceleration.

Tried and Tested Quality – Did you know that the Chihuahuan Desert in Texas lies witness to how much Bridgestone is devoted to quality and safety? They have the Bridgestone Texas Proving Grounds (TPG) dedicated to testing each tire model’s limits under various conditions.

All-Weather Ready – Bridgestone continuously designs and manufactures tires for the harshest weather conditions. During winter, you can drive with peace of mind knowing that Bridgestone Blizzak premium winter tires are built to withstand snows storms and slippery road. Meanwhile, the Turanza QuietTrack helps in dampening road noise even in rainy and snowy conditions.

Why Accent Tires?

Bridgestone’s mission of “serving society with superior quality,” as envisioned by founder Shojiro Ishibashi, strongly coincides with what we at Accent Tires strive to achieve. The moment you enter our Local Full Service Tire Shop in Arlington, Texas, we will have a dedicated sales representative help you in the selection process.

You can be sure that we only provide quality and reasonably priced old and new replacement tires from Bridgestone and other trusted brands. Visit us today for more information and free tire check. Thank you and have a nice day!

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