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Driving through off-road terrain with the intense sun on your back or wind in your face can be intense. Your 4×4, crossover, or SUV needs to keep up with environmental challenges and you need tires to support your daily adventures. This is where Atturo Tire comes in.

Accent Tires proudly distributes Atturo Tires, a known trailblazer and disruptor in the industry after pioneering unique tire designs in the modern off-road category. Ten years ago, the company was slingshot to mainstream fame when they used tire designs inspired by Quartermaster knives on Trail Blade M/T. Now their product line dedicated to Off-Road, Winter, High Performance, Commercial Vans, SUV, and Light Trucks (4x) area known as aggressively stylish replacement and upgrade tires.

What is Atturo Tires Known for?

Performance Tires – Compared to other tire brands, Atturo is a young fireball. This means that the company has a strong desire to prove itself in the industry, and as far as performance is concerned, they are keen on making their designs unique. For instance, the Atturo AZ800, an ultra-performance tire of light trucks and SUVs, boasts of aggressive directional pattern thread and very tough carbon black rubber compound.

Competitive Pricing Without Sacrificing Cost – One thing Atturo Tires promises is value for money. When buying their tires, you get what you pay for, and you get a little more. Manufactured in Taiwan and Thailand, their tires play around the mid-range price bracket but offers premium quality experience.

Built and Designed to Last – Mileage is not a concern for Atturo Tires. They have perfected a solid internal structure which each tire to handle increased load capacity and withstand rough terrain, including jagged rocks and various-sized debris.

If you are after extensive grip, they have specialized mountain truck tires for easier navigation around loose rock surfaces and snow.

Why Accent Tires?

Make no mistake about it: Accent Tires wants to help you with your next adventures. We can’t wait for you to take your next road trip in style, and rest assured that our team will guide you through only our best tire brands dedicated for risk-takers, like Arturo Tires. Drop by our Local Full Service Tire Shop in Arlington, Texas today so we can get started. Thank you and have a nice day!

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