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We are the Arlington Based tire dealer, offer a huge selection of both new & used tires. Our Tires Specials change based on the tires brands that we have on stock. Call @ 817-861-6700 Now.


Provides better maintenance of tire pressure which maximizes: Fuel Economy, Tire Life, Safety & Reliability, Handling, and it's better for the environment

Tire Pressure

It's larger molecular size, nitrogen migrates through a tire three to four times slower than oxygen. A tire filled with ``plain old air`` will lose 1.5 PSI in less than a month; with nitrogen, this could take three months or longer


Proper tire pressure lessens rolling resistance and maximizes fuel efficiency.

Tire Life

Under-inflated tires wear quickly on the shoulders and over-inflated tires wear in the center. In addition, removing oxygen eliminates oxidation and condensation that can damage inner liners, steel belts and rims

Safety & Reliability

Under-inflated tires cause 90 percent of blowouts. Nitrogen provides more reliable pressure for reduced blowout potential


Proper tire inflation ensures the recommended ``contact patch`` of your tire is on the road.

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